A Heart Attack Story: Part 1

One week ago, I suffered a heart attack, and suffer is definitely the right word. I woke up in the middle of the night with some severe chest pain. Initially I thought it might just be stomach acids and tried drinking water, taking some Tums, and drinking some milk, but none of them helped even a […]

Walking in the Stream

While I took my morning stroll, my mind was running at a frantic pace. Sometimes the thoughts have a logical connection, others my mind simply hops from one idea to another seemingly without meaning. Most of the thoughts contain nothing grand, or stressful but the sheer volume overwhelmed me, leaving me emotionally confused. For some […]

Early Inspiration: Sleeping Dragon by Joel Rosenberg

Originally posted on DungeonBriefs:
This post is the first in my Early Inspirational Reading series. I’ll be rereading and discussing some older fantasy novels and discussing how they inspired me in my adventure design and role-playing. The Sleeping Dragon (Guardians of the Flame) by Joel Rosenberg By the time I read Joel Rosenberg’s The Sleeping…

Virtual GenCon 2014

Originally posted on DungeonBriefs:
Yes, this week, gamers invaded Indianapolis for GenCon 2014! Reading my Twitter feed, I know many of you are already there. Dice rolling, cards flipping, roles playing, friendships forming! I know you’re enjoying an amazing experience. Thanks to the wonderful world of The Internet, those of us stuck at home can…

First Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen

Originally posted on DungeonBriefs:
First Book of Swords I’ve decided to do a semi regular series where I discuss older fantasy novels and how they relate to my role-playing. I first read Fred Saberhagen’s Book of Swords in the mid to late 80s. I read both the Book of Swords, and their follow-up the Books…

At the Mall (Part 2): Hot Time!

I know you’ve been waiting patiently to find out if we found our missing mother and Girl Scout….. Of course you did! This wouldn’t be much of a blog if we didn’t. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize we were making a change of trains, and so got off the train at L’Enfant Plaza. Fortunately, that isn’t […]

Q is for Quotes

Another cheat, this may be a bit long to simply call a quote. Taken from Stephen King’s Misery Can you, Paul? Yeah. That’s how I survive. That’s how come I’m able to maintain homes in both New York and L.A. and more rolling iron than there is in some used-car lots. Because I can, and […]