Shelving Videos

For a number of years I’ve been watching videos of various makers and builders on YouTube. And now I’ve decided to try my own hand at it. I’m enjoying spending more time making things. In addition to improving my skills with the tools, I’m also learning more about video and editing. While I’ve posted some […]



Does Monday always have to be a drag?

2016 Goals

First….Happy New Year! I hope you have an amazing year ahead of you! I haven’t really done resolutions for a while now, and while the idea was nice, I don’t think I want to try a 2016 in 2016, or 50 at 50 type list of things to do this year, so I’m going to […]

A Heart Attack Story: Part 3 – Recovery

This is a bit delayed, and thinking back, I probably should have done it a bit sooner. The first week out of the hospital was rough. It might have been even more troublesome if my wife didn’t have experience in cardiac nursing. I experienced frequent dizziness, and was extremely tired. My wife took my blood […]

A Heart Attack Story: Part 2

We’re now at about 2 weeks post heart attack, but now I’m telling you about day 2 and 3 of my treatment. After the doctor left the evening before, I was given some more morphine, and slept for a few hours, waking up in pain, and getting some more to get me through the rest […]

A Heart Attack Story: Part 1

One week ago, I suffered a heart attack, and suffer is definitely the right word. I woke up in the middle of the night with some severe chest pain. Initially I thought it might just be stomach acids and tried drinking water, taking some Tums, and drinking some milk, but none of them helped even a […]

Walking in the Stream

While I took my morning stroll, my mind was running at a frantic pace. Sometimes the thoughts have a logical connection, others my mind simply hops from one idea to another seemingly without meaning. Most of the thoughts contain nothing grand, or stressful but the sheer volume overwhelmed me, leaving me emotionally confused. For some […]