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Shelving Videos

For a number of years I’ve been watching videos of various makers and builders on YouTube. And now I’ve decided to try my own hand at it.

I’m enjoying spending more time making things. In addition to improving my skills with the tools, I’m also learning more about video and editing. While I’ve posted some short videos and time lapse videos in the past, this was my first true attempt at editing a video.

I’ve got a large desk I’ve been using since I lived in Elizabeth City, but since it is in the activity room (aka the kids’ zone) it has been unused for a while. As part of deciding I want to do a bit more with making and with YouTube, I decided I needed to take that desk back. It still lives in the activity room, but I’ve cleaned it off and built some shelves to store a variety of things. In addition to allowing me to keep some books there, I made room for my camera gear, and for some small tools to be used in craft projects. I also set up a charging station by mounting a powered USB hub under one shelf. To keep myself entertained and inspired, I’ve also included some geeky knick-knacks.

I’m sure as I work at the desk more I’ll want to rearrange even more, but for now I enjoy working in this space.

The shelves are made from 2×12’s, which was probably a bit of overkill, and made them quite heavy, but a bit cheaper than what I might have paid for other boards. I may eventually change my mind and stain them, but for now they’re only finished with a couple coats of polyurethane.

For those of you just discovering me through these videos, the shop I’m using to make these shelves belongs to my father-in-law, not me. Using his shop allows me to build things I might not have the space or tools for and gives me access to his knowledge and experience. The only downside is that through no fault of his I sometimes feel like an intruder, and I’m very self-conscious when he is around and watching me build.

Here is a time-lapse version of the build. In the time-lapse you can see me using the table saw. I used the table saw to make the boards look a little less rustic by trimming approximately 3/16″ off of each edge and eliminating the rounded corners of the board. You also can see more of my son, who was present for most of the first day I worked on the shelves.

Thanks for visiting, and for reading! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more builds as I post them.


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