Monday morning arrived with some of the usual dread that comes from the start of a new work week, but for some reason I feel more optimistic than usual this morning . Though my job stresses me out frequently, I generally enjoy it, but even so there always seems to be more I could do at home and so I head to work on Monday regretting those things I didn’t get to do, or didn’t get to do enough. While some of those things revolve around fun and relaxing, but sometimes it’s also the housework I still need to get done. I’m more positive about my Monday this week though, perhaps because I feel really good about my weekend.


Vintage Lyon workbench legs.

On Saturday we borrowed a pick-up truck from my father-in-law so I could buy an old workbench I’d seen at a Habitat for Humanity Restore last weekend. I thought a lot about the workbench after we saw it. Rust covers most of the metal on the legs, and thin boards seem to be peeling off the top, but I believe with some work it will serve me well. Even though I could build a bench, I think having those legs as my base will save time and money. Also, it feels good to rescue an older workbench.

Since we were already in ┬áRocky Mount, a place we usually only visit a few times each year (though this made 2 Saturdays in a row spent there), we did a little shopping. My daughter celebrated her 12th birthday this week and so she had some birthday money to spend. Though not entirely planned, the whole family bought new clothes. My daughter and I picked up some books. I got a couple of Lego polybags from Target. As our last stop before heading out of town I picked up some lumber and hardware to build some storage shelves for my desk…a new top for the workbench will have to wait a bit.

By the time we got home and unloaded everything from the truck the sun had set and we settled in for some rest.


Lumber cut, but not quite ready for assembly. Next weekend we take it to the planer.

I spent Sunday on a wide variety of activities. After breakfast I spent a few hours cutting up lumber for my shelving project. Then after lunch I got my hair cut and spent some time working on cleaning adware off someone’s computers. I cooked dinner for the family, did the dishes, and cleaned out the chickens’ bin before it got dark again. Spent some time on various social media sites, and read through one of the books I’d purchased on Saturday.

I know those paragraphs do not speak of anything exciting, and in fact might be a little boring, but as I think back over those activities, it felt balanced. We went out a bit as a family, did some housework, spent some time with an interesting book, and more.

I can certainly think of some things I should have done this weekend. Perhaps three hours of housework in place of the woodworking would have been more productive, though in the long term I hope what I build will help me organize things a bit.

In the end, I simply enjoyed what I did this weekend, and I hope I can do a better job of finding similar balance during future weekends.


2 comments on “Monday

  1. I love reading your posts! You have a way with words that puts me right there in the moment with you!

    • Thanks. I really look up to some writers who can do that with events that happened years and decades ago. My memory doesn’t work as well, and so when the feeling strikes I have to try to capture it then or it will fade.

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