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2016 Goals

First….Happy New Year! I hope you have an amazing year ahead of you!

I haven’t really done resolutions for a while now, and while the idea was nice, I don’t think I want to try a 2016 in 2016, or 50 at 50 type list of things to do this year, so I’m going to put together a short list of goals instead.

1)  No heart attack this year.

This means getting more serious again about exercise and weight loss. I’m actually about 10% lighter than I was this time last year, but I’ve gotten off track a bit since Thanksgiving and want to use the new year as a diving in point for getting myself going again.

Specific goal: Finish the year 30% lighter than I was when I arrived at the hospital the day of my heart attack.

2) Make things.

One of the craft projects I did with my Cub Scouts in 2015

One of the craft projects I did with my Cub Scouts in 2015


From something as big as furniture to arts and crafts projects, I just want to make more things. Thanks to Cub Scouts, I’ve been doing a bit more of this, but I want to do a bit more. As part of this I want to improve my woodworking skills, add in some wood carving, and maybe learn some brand new skills.

Specific goal: 12 unique projects this year. I say unique because some of the items I want to make I may make multiple copies/versions of.

3) Be creative 

This book has 500 drawing prompts and space for a sketch of each one.

This book has 500 drawing prompts and space for a sketch of each one.

This may crossover with #2 a bit, but I want to do a few more artistic things as well. I’m not an artist like my grandpa was, but I’d like to work to improve those skills. This also includes doing more writing, or perhaps learn to play that ukulele I got a couple Christmas’ back.

Specific goal: Spend 1 hour a week focused on a creative pursuit.





4) Read more

My first read of 2015.

My first read of 2016.


I actually think I’ve done a bit better at this the last fourth of the year, but I want to try to read a few more books this year. 1 a week sounds reasonable, but I confess that over the past couple of years I’ve only read about 1/3 of that number.

Specific goal: Read 1 book per week. Even if I fall short, I hope by trying for this I’ll read more than I have in recent years.



5) Be more organized

While this includes a physical component of eliminating clutter it also means doing a better job of planning so that I feel a bit less rushed as I go about all my activities.

Specific goal: Have the house clean and find a good calendar or other way to track my schedule and make sure I’m prepared in advance for my activities.

There could be a few more items on this list, but I think those cover the big things, and most other items I might add could fit into one of these areas.

So again, have a Happy New Year, and share one of your goals for this year in the comments below!


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