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The Wizard Battle – Lego Set 79005

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen me talk about Lego bricks and Lego sets, but I haven’t posted much here in the blog about them.  As a kid I had a huge box of Lego bricks to build with. I don’t know how many pieces I had, but in my mind the box they came in was about a 10-12″ cube. I know the box could potentially have held thousands of bricks, though the box only seemed about half full, so I’m guessing I had around 700 bricks with which to litter the play room.


Last year I picked up a small Lord of the Rings set called The Wizard Battle (Set 79005) and I think it does a great job of showing some of the things that make Lego bricks fun to build with, and shows off the quality of their bricks.

The Eye of Sauron at the front of the model spins when you turn a piece on the back of Sarumon’s throne. While they may produce similar mechanics in other sets, this was the first set I purchased with this style of motion. Because of the tight specifications of Lego bricks, the piece turns smoothly and easily.

This set also included several unusual pieces. Even as a relatively new collector of Lego bricks, the globes jumped out at me as something unique. I don’t think I’ve gotten them in any other sets I purchased. And there are several other round and curved pieces that don’t seem to show up frequently.


For me, the only con to this set, and it is a small one, is the minifigs. I already had Gandalf from another set and something about them just feels bland to me. I’d might have preferred a set that included a couple of dwarves, but then it wouldn’t have been a Wizard’s battle.

Hard to do anything except recommend buying almost every Lego set, don’t know that I’ve bought any yet that I was horribly disappointed about, but I do enjoy some sets more than others, and this is one of the better sets I’ve purchased.

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