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No Words

That is the phrase that keeps coming to mind this week. No Words.

One of my son’s classmates died this weekend after being involved in a car crash, and I have No Words.

No Words of wisdom for my son to help him understand why this happened.

No Words for a mother who will never again feel her son’s arms wrapped around her.

No Words to make sense of the senseless.

And then I realize that I must have words.

I must have them now.

Not words of wisdom or comfort, but of loving and caring.

Words for my family and my friends.


There is probably more to be added. When I opened the page to write this post, I hadn’t planned on starting something resembling a poem. Though I wanted to express the confusion in my mind. The need, the desire to help my son make sense of losing someone his own age, to make sense for myself of why someone so young is now dead. Of course it makes no sense and so my mind turns instead to mistakes I’ve made, to every time I’ve spoken too harshly to my kids, or my wife. And so I remind myself to try to be better, to be sure I create more joy than regret in my life.

Godspeed, Zach.


One comment on “No Words

  1. You are right, Paul, there are absolutely no words that can make us understand, or that will alleviate the pain or the confusion of a young one, or us, for that matter. I lost a classmate, albeit when we were in our last year of school, so we were older, but, it affected us all.
    I don’t have answers, really.
    But I think your son will find relief in knowing that you are there for him. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I know when I was little, my parents’ hugs or understanding were a great medicine. And I feel that when a cuddle to my kids fixes most of their afflictions.
    Sometimes there’s no need for words.
    Thinking of you, your son, and families.

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