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2014 Goals

FireworksThe New Year starts today, but many of my goals remain the same. Some goals continue working on things I have been trying for years, others  are new, or perhaps new ways of looking at old goals. This list is in no particular order, except perhaps the order they’ve popped into my head.

1) Create. Writing, blogging, photography, woodworking, other crafts. Exactly what doesn’t matter, but I want to create more this year.

2) Organize. From physically cleaning and organizing, to doing a better job of keeping track of the schedule of events the family is involved in, I want to be more organized, and less chaotic. This also applies at work where I think better organization can help me be more productive.

3) Get Healthy. This is one of those ongoing things. I ended 2013 a bit lighter than I was when it began and with the new year I want to restart those efforts and lose at least 50 pounds this year.

4) Play. This covers everything from spending some time putting together a Lego set, or sitting at the dining room table playing a game with the kids to going to a park for a hike, or going to a museum, zoo, aquarium, etc.

5) Volunteer. Want to find a way to contribute a few hours each month to the community. I already act as a Cub Scout leader, but I would like to do a bit more and I believe it might be more meaningful if I do it separately from my Scouting duties.

Of course, I want to accomplish much more than this, but those are some broad goals. I’ll also be creating a spreadsheet with several hundred items to be accomplished based on these goals. For ‘Create’ I might set up 12 lines for 12 craft projects, and 52 lines to represent wanting to make weekly blog posts. For ‘Get Healthy’ I might include 5 separate lines each representing 10 pounds of weight loss. This helps me track progress on my goals as the year goes on.

Happy New Year to you! No matter what your resolutions or goals might be I hope you and your family have a safe and healthy year!

Safe travels,



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