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A Weekend Away

Though I didn’t plan it, a couple of weekends ago, I spent almost the entire weekend offline. Starting from the time I left work on Friday night, I went over 48 hours without reading email, checking Twitter, posting to Facebook, or surfing the web. The weekend was wonderful, and quite productive, and while I don’t necessarily want to do the same every weekend, it did remind me to try and find a better balance of online and offline activities.

While not complete, here are a few of the things I did:

Read “The Companions” by RA Salvatore nearly cover to cover.  I’d read a couple dozen pages before getting completely absorbed by the book Friday night, and then stayed up until after midnight on Saturday night to finish it up.

The Companions

Worked on a combination shaping form/display stand for an upcoming Cub Scout craft project.

Forms for Scout Woggles


Cut some PVC for a Cub Scout neckerchief slide project I’ve got coming up.

Lego Brick and Minifig Neckerchief Slide Project

Cut some parts for version 1 of my dice tower. I’ve got some other construction methods I may try out for making a dice tower, but this version comes from an inspiration online, though is perhaps a little more complicated than it needs to be.

Dice Tower Parts

Watched a spider catch a bug in its web. No picture with this one, I just sat and watched for about 15 minutes as it trapped and then wrapped up the bug.

Played Munchkin: Legends, and Tsuro with the kids, and my nephew.

Munchkin Legends


Found a turtle.

Turtle Power!

Wonder what I’ll do next weekend?


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