Bucket List: Phelps with Friends

Not sure if Bucket List is quite the appropriate term for this new series, but it fits as good as ‘Things I Want to Do’. Essentially these posts talk about things I want to do. Some are very small things, and many of them, like today’s post, will be things I feel like I can accomplish once I lose more weight.

View from Marcy Dam.

View from Marcy Dam. Phelps is on the left hand side of the image. Photo by Aaron Knox, used under Creative Commons licence.

A long time ago, in a state far, far away I used to hike fairly regularly with my friends. Though I was certainly in better shape then, I still weighed far more than could be considered healthy. One weekend, during a trip to Lake Placid, my friends and I hiked the trail heading for the top of Mt. Phelps. I do not remember if it was knees, breath, or muscles, but I simply did not make it to the top. My friends tried to encourage me, but at some point after taking a number of rests in quick succession, I gave up on the hike to the summit and on myself.

So, some day I want to climb that mountain again. There are many higher mountains in the world, even among the Adirondacks, but because I gave up on that mountain, I hope one day to gather with my friends again and climb together to the top.

Special bonus: While searching for the picture above, I found several blogs of hikers working towards climbing the 46 highest peaks in the Adirondacks. In one blog, “46 Ups and Downs“, a college-aged hiker from Montreal shares fairly detailed accounts of her hikes. So far she’s climbed 40 out of the 46. Reading about some of her hikes reminded me of just how wet I was at the end of the hike that day. It is possible I’m combining multiple hikes in my mind, but I seem to recall returning to the vehicle with my socks soaking wet and dirty, then taking them off to let my feet breath, and to take a picture of the socks, which deserved to be thrown away!


2 comments on “Bucket List: Phelps with Friends

  1. Well, there’s an entertaining and healthy past-time… with a view! I also have some horror stories from some hikes, but it’s not as if I do it often enough for it to be something I know enough about.
    But what a positive plan you have there. Nice idea. Not familiar with what the Adirondacks are, but I’m sure you’ll be posting about them as you visit them!
    Good luck with it all! 🙂

    • Well, they’re a chain of mountains in upstate New York, near Lake Placid. I’m too far away from them to do the 46 highest like some of these other hikers are, but because I failed to complete that one peak, When I’ve lost a bit more weight, I do want to go up and climb that one, hopefully with the folks from my home town that I hiked with in my teens and twenties.

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