G is for Gardening

Some vegetables harvested from my in-laws' garden last year.

Some vegetables harvested from my in-laws’ garden last year.

This may count as part two of yesterday’s F is for Forestry post. As part of getting outside more and touching nature I’m going to start gardening.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but I technically live on a farm. There are about 70 acres, and the family leases the land out to a local farming operation. In the five years I’ve lived here they have grown cotton, and soy beans, though they’ve also been known to plant corn here as well.

I certainly don’t plan on starting to plant even a significant portion of an acre. I’d like to begin simply with a raised bed or two, plus maybe some potted herbs.

Perhaps the oddest thing about my interest in farming is that I am not much of a vegetable eater. I’d like to grow some berries and peppers to begin with, and perhaps down the road grow some additional items like tomatoes and onions. Perhaps a few years down the road I will be able to grow everything I need for my own salsa and spaghetti sauce.

I’ve got a bit of a brown thumb, so I’m not certain how well it will work, but I’m hoping over time I can be successful enough to make the effort worthwhile. For this year, I think my definition of success would be harvesting enough of anything to serve as a side or desert for a single meal.


3 comments on “G is for Gardening

  1. Best of luck. Growing peppers can be addictive. One of my favorite smells is harvesting a fresh one. Garden was my G. Stratoz goes AtoZ

    • Thanks! The only downfall to peppers is that I am the only one in the family who will eat many of them. But I think I could use enough of them to make them worth growing.

  2. Good luck with your gardening adventure. Start small and raised beds are a good way to go.

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