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F is for Forestry

April 2008 image. This is the area we call the cutover. You can get an idea of how small the trees were on the left hand side of the photo.

The back yard 5 years ago. This is the area we call the cutover. You can get an idea of how small the trees were on the left hand side of the photo.

Perhaps forestry is an exaggeration, but I’m trying to encourage certain trees in the area behind my back yard to grow by getting thinning the woods around them.

The property our house is on, and the area around us was once filled with taller trees, but many of them got blown over during a hurricane seven or eight years ago. Following the hurricane they cut and harvested all the large trees, but the land wasn’t fully cleared and replanted.

6 years ago 1 acre was cleared for our house, and some of the trees in the acre behind ours were cleared  to make room to push all the brush from our acre. I looked at some old pictures recently, and it is amazing how much the trees in that area have been growing, but almost all the trees are pines, and I’d like to see some of the deciduous trees thrive a little and provide us some fall colors.

The picture above shows the trees were mostly from 4-8 feet tall at that time, while the more recent picture below shows the current situation, with the trees in the 15-18 ft. tall range.

This morning I took an hour or so and opened up some breathing room for one tree. I’m worried it may already have been choked out by the surrounding trees, since it doesn’t seem to be showing any buds yet, but there’s another similar tree six feet behind it that looks healthier, so we’ll have to see how they make it through this year.

Yard 2013 Edit

April 2013 image. Cutover is on the left edge of the photo. The tree I am trying to open space for is at the center of the photo, just left of the small gap in the shadows.

I think you can tell by the gap in the shadows on the ground where I cleared out a few trees. It was actually funny because while I felt like the area I cleared would be obvious, but when I stepped back from the trees it was harder to see than I expected.

I’m also hoping to create some shady areas near the edge of the woods that are open enough to perhaps be useful for just spending more time outside, or perhaps if the kids wanted to set up a tent out there and camp out.

And the last thing I’d like to do related to trees is plant some fruit or nut trees, though I’ve been trying to think just where on the property they should go so they don’t cause problems down the road. Need to do some more research before making any final decisions or purchases.

I’m not Paul Bunyan, but I’m not Johnny Appleseed either, but I’m trying to learn a bit and enjoy the land around me. Not quite sure where some of these desires are coming from, just feeling like I want to be more in touch with nature.


One comment on “F is for Forestry

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