D is for Driving

DisforDriveIf my wife and I are driving somewhere together, I almost always drive. About the only time I don’t drive is if my wife is picking me up from someplace, or if I am sick.

It may go back to the day I met my wife. It was a blind date, and she was driving. At one intersection there was a bit of a hump in the road, and she drove over it fast enough that I hit my head on the roof of the car. We frequently joke that she knocked some sense into me when she hit that bump.

I used to be a bit of a speeder, and a visit home to New Jersey a couple of years ago proved that I can still drive aggressively when needed, but as a rule I drive within 5 MPH of the speed limit. I know it sometimes bothers drivers who apparently are willing to disregard the speed limit by an even greater margin. In fact while driving today, the classic little old lady passed me while we took a little shopping trip, but I maintained my speed at 5 miles above the limit and let her speed ahead.

Occasionally because of the way schedules go with kids activities, the kids will get the choose with which of us to ride. They’ll almost always pick my wife because they know she’ll usually get them home a little faster.

Bonus: One of my favorite songs about Driving:


5 comments on “D is for Driving

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog, thanks

  2. Lol that she knocked some sense in you. Cute! I hate driving. I need a guy to drive me around again. :p

    • I do worry that perhaps it is a bit of a sexist thing, but I don’t think my wife minds. She gets to read and nap especially when we’re on longer trips.

  3. […] know, Elizabeth is my wife. Long ago she knocked some sense into me (as described yesterday in D is for Driving) and I haven’t looked […]

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