B is for Blogs

A to Z Blogging ChallengeIn addition to giving me a framework for regular blog posts, the A to Z Blogging Challenge gives me a chance to explore some blogs I haven’t read before. Though I’ll be doing some more exploring, these 5 blogs jumped out immediately as I read through the list.

1) ROFL Initiative: An RPG blog that will be using the A to Z challenge to create a collection of hand drawn location maps generic enough to be used for a variety of gaming settings.

2) The Other Side: The blog of RPG author Timothy Brannon. He’ll be using the challenge to write about, and hopefully post stats for a variety of demons.

3) SFDaddy – Nerding Up My Homeschooling Girls: Like my blog, appears to be using the challenge to jump-start the blog a bit. He’s already posted about survival skills, and making things from fruits gathered from neighborhood trees.

4) My Back 40 Garden and Park: With my recent interest in doing a little gardening, this looks like it may help me pick out a plant or two for my own garden.

5) Our Little Acre: Gardening, recipes, and crafts! Oh my!

Take a few minutes and check them out, or go to the Blogging Challenge Blog list and pick a few that interest you!

Safe travels!



2 comments on “B is for Blogs

  1. I agree. I normally read family history blogs but this challenge is a good opportunity to read many other blogs and learn about other things too.

    Enjoy the challenge.

    • Thanks! This is my 2nd or 3rd year participating (I think I succeeded one year, failed another on my gaming blog.

      I should also mention that in addition to these 5, I probably read posts on a couple dozen blogs finding ones that looked interesting to me. While I focused on gaming and gardening blogs, I read some religious, and homeschooling blogs as well while exploring.

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