A is for April

Spring is here.

Spring is here.

Isn’t it nice of the challenge to toss up a nice softball to open the challenge?  Good thing the A to Z challenge doesn’t happen in October or November.

I haven’t been posting, but hope that maybe a month of near daily posting will nudge me to start posting a little more regularly.

In addition to posting frequently, I’ve got a couple more goals for the month that I will share here (and perhaps will become a daily post before the month is out.

1) Build a fire pit. I want to get outside more and enjoy the outdoors, and the farm a bit more.  I’ve found a really basic plan for one, that I think I can try out in our yard. And it is inexpensive enough to fit in the budget. Also going to try to work out a way to put a grill grate on it to use it for family cookouts.

2) Build a raised bed. While I don’t want to start a huge garden all at once, I would like to start growing a few plants. Probably some peppers and tomatoes to start, though I may change my mind on that. Guess I’ll have to decide very soon. Again, going to use a fairly easy and inexpensive method. Mostly costly part may be the fact that I’ll need to buy some soil to fill it with.

3) Clean out storage. We have some paid storage areas. I’d like to empty one of them, moving the stuff into a shed we’ve got here at home. While packing things up to bring here, I’d also like to sort it to some extent, hopefully creating a lot of boxes of things that we can sell at a yard sale.

I’m sure I’ll accomplish more than that, but those are the 3 things I really want to accomplish this month.

Safe travels!



3 comments on “A is for April

  1. Hi Paul: you’re the number right below me on a-Z blogging, so I’d like to drop you a note to say “happy A-Z blogging!!” It’s quite a nice challenge, isn’t it? As for your three goals for the month: sounds good. I’m a passionate gardener so look forward to reading about the raised bed. Cleaning out storage and having a yard sale may pay for the soil needed? Or did I just add another task on your list by mentioning “yard sale,”. Either or: looking forward to the next word!!

    • Thanks for stopping in! If you’re right above me, then you too must have waited until the last minute to sign up!

      You’re right, the yard sale might pay enough to buy some soil, but yard sale may have to be a May goal. Of the remaining Saturdays this month, 2 are already scheduled with Scouting activities.

      Will stop in and visit your blog later this evening, but I do need to get caught up and write my B entry.

      • In fact: I signed up within 5 minutes after I heard of the challenge;-). But yes, by the look of it there are approximately 1964 people in this challenge. Good luck with the B !!

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