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2012: My Kickstarter Year

My KickstartersRecently, I received an email from Kickstarter sharing some data, milestones, and other important achievements they had during 2012. Among other statistics they shared the fact that “50,047 people backed ten or more projects”. I’ve posted a few projects here during the year, and I’d even supported a few, but 10 projects seemed like a lot to me, until I logged into my account and learned I backed 13 projects last year!

Here is a quick summary of the projects I backed. I’m not going to list my exact backer amounts, but most of them I spent less than $30 on, and in a few cases I spent $10 or less.

I’ve tried to put this in date order, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year:

1) For The Win! – Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens, and Monkeys. A fun little tile game. I haven’t played this many times, but it is an easy to learn and quick to play game.

2) Artisan Dice. Wooden dice available in a variety of exotic woods. At the time the craftsman was focused on making D6s, but has moved on to making full sets of gaming dice in his home garage based shop.

3) Spirit of the Century Presents: The Dinocalypse Trilogy. For a fairly low contribution I’ll eventually get 7 e-books from this Kickstarter.  Already recieved and partially read Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig.  Wondering if I should have spent more and gotten physical copies of books because while I like the idea of e-books, I still tend to read more physical books, and e-books sometimes get brushed aside.

4) Prismatic Art Collection. Attempting to provide a more diverse collection of fantasy art than is seen in the current market and releasing it under Creative Commons. Some great art in this project!

5) Ogre Designers Edition. New version of an old game. The box for this game is so large I may have to put an addition on my home before it arrives! Hoping once they ship this, the Car Wars Kickstarter isn’t far behind!

6) Champions of Zed: Zero Edition Dungeoneering. Sounds like this was being based on notes and homerules from pre-Chainmail games run by Dave Arneson. Just a little something to make me feel like a grognard I guess.

7) 12 for 12 (3.0) Dangerous Games Novels. The third part of Matt Forbeck’s 12 for ’12 plan to write 12 novels in 2012. Can’t wait to read this murder mystery set at GenCon!

8) Amanda Palmer: The New record, art book, and tour. This album is filled with all the emotions. I am not ashamed to say it made me cry and I got it for a very small investment.

9) Get Bit Deluxe. Dave Chalker’s popular game. Somehow I missed out on the initial Kickstarter of the game in 2011, but once he announced the Deluxe edition I made sure I jumped on board.

10) Dungeons and Dragons: A Documentary. As a long time gamer, I guess I just want to refresh my memory, and perhaps hear a few stories from the folks behind the curtain of my favorite game.

11) Eternity Dice. Dice made from stone formed from the lava of Mount Vesuvius! What can i say, I’m addicted to dice!

12) d20 Monkey: First Edition. Couldn’t skip this chance to support a webcomic and artist that I love.

13) Dice Rings. Another kind of die! Going to get a d20 I can wear on my finger. Just a fun idea for the dice addict.

So those are the projects I backed. 3 dice projects, 3 stand-alone games, 2 novels, 1 record, 1 RPG, 1 art collection, 1 webcomic book, and 1 documentary. I think it is a good selection of projects. Some of them I wish I’d invested a little more in, but I also know a few projects managed to sneak past me either because I didn’t find out about them soon enough, or because they closed at a time when my budget was tight.

Can’t promise I’ll support the same number of projects this year, but I have already backed the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls Kickstarter, so I’m off to a good start!

Leave a comment to let me know which projects you backed in 2012.


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