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Happy New Year! And Not Quite A Resolution

NewYearFireworksHappy New Year! I’m not much for making New Years’ Resolutions, perhaps because in theory, the most important one I should have made for a number of years, I simply have not managed to keep.

In recent years I’ve made long lists of things I wanted to accomplish each year, and I like the idea, but it always seems by the end of the list I’m forcing things to make the list match some arbitrary number.

This year I’ve decided to create a short list of goals for myself. These goals are a little less concrete than my old lists which might include things like ‘Read 26 books.’ ‘Cook 12 new recipes.’ etc.

1) Organize (aka decrease the chaos). This goal includes physical and mental components. Part of getting organied includes concrete accomplishments like cleaning up rooms, or areas. Eliminating physical junk and clutter hopefully can aid in helping me feel a little more in control overall.

Organizing also involves being better at planning. I want to do a better job of keeping track of my schedule, and of preparing in advance for things like Cub Scout meetings, to do lists for work, and even just planning and making better use of free time.

2) Create (aka do something). Writing, woodworking, other crafty or creative things, it doesn’t matter what, just want to create more this year.

3) Giving (aka time for others). I almost called this ‘Charitable’ because I want to invest more of myself in helping others, but I realized that in addition to giving of myself to things that are easily recognied as charity, I want to find ways to give more of myself to my wife and family.

4) Learn (aka improve). Part reading, part research, part…well, I don’t know, but there are things I’d like to know more about, some work related, some just for fun, but I want to invest some of my time this year into reading things that will expand my knowledge.

5) Fitness (aka be healthy). Let’s not linger here. Eat better, excercise more.

Here is hoping that you and yours have a happy and healthy new year!

Safe travels,



One comment on “Happy New Year! And Not Quite A Resolution

  1. Good luck and love you

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