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R is for Recipes

One of my most common type of posts are my recipe posts. There are two main reasons for this. First, I like to cook, and I love recipes. I used to buy a lot of cookbooks, and still probably buy more than I need, but thanks to the Internet almost any recipe I might want is only a Google search away. Second, no matter how busy life might get, my family has to eat, and so I get to cook.

But, though I love recipes, I rarely follow them exactly. I’m always tweaking and adjusting either for my tastes, or just to do something different. This is part of why I usually have a few notes at the end of my recipes explaining changes you might want to try with the recipe, or that I plan on making next time I cook that particular item.

Because of this, one of the books I turn to most frequently these days is “The Joy Of Cooking”. It does a great job of giving the basics of a lot of common recipes, leaving a lot of room for me to tweak and customize to fit my family’s tastes, or to suit the ingredients I have on hand.

While we’re talking recipes, here are a few links to some things I’d like to make in the near future:

1) Torta – layers of meats, cheese, eggs, and peppers in a crust?  How come I’ve never done this??  Video here (second half of show), recipe here.

2) General Tso’s Chicken – love this from the restaurant, want to learn to make my own.  Here is the recipe, and there is a video at the bottom of the page.

3) Meat Ravioli – I’ve never made my own pasta, but I love meat ravioli, and yet I rarely see it in the supermarket any more, or even on restaurant menus.  May research some more, but this recipe looks promising.

If you’ve got a favorite recipe you think I’d like, or just a favorite you’d like to share, leave the recipe, or a link to it in the comments.

Peace, Love, and Bacon Grease!



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