K is for Kickstarter

In case you haven’t heard, Kickstarter is a web site that allows someone to propose a project, set a funding goal for the project and ask for backers.  If the project reaches its funding goal, the money is collected, and the project moves forward.  If the goal is not reached, no one pays anything and the creators of the project get to go and rethink their plans.

Frequently backers receive some sort of reward, in the form of credit, or products in exchange for their backing.  In fact, many game writers and publishers use Kickstarter to allow them to publish products that might not otherwise get to market.  In cases like this, the reward for those who donate enough is frequently a copy of the product, and perhaps even more copies if you choose to back a project at a higher dollar amount.

Some projects also set stretch goals. If a project meets its stretch goal, that usually means backers will get additional items beyond what they’re original support level indicated. A game might come with extra scenarios, or more pieces so that more players can play. All these rewards are determined by the person who sets up the Kickstarter.

Here are a few upcoming projects of interest to me, and perhaps to you as well:

1) Spirit of the Century Presents: Dinocalypse Now.  A set of novels from Evil Hat Productions set in their “1930s-era pulp adventure setting”. I’ve never played Spirit of the Century, but have heard good things about the game and its setting. For just $10 you can get six ebooks, and if they raise just another $600 that jumps to seven!

2) Ogre Designer’s Edition.  A HUGE boxed set of a classic game from Steve Jackson Games. Prototype of this game weighs in at 14 lbs, and they’ve already reached some funding goals that mean some additional items will be included in the game. This project is expensive if you want to get a copy of the game, but I think the game is well worth the price.

Special note: From the time I looked at this project this morning, until I got ready to post this article, the project has gained another $25,000 in backing, bringing it to a total of over $100,000 in less than 72 hours. I expect it will reach all its current stretch goals, and perhaps even one or two more they haven’t decided on yet.

3) Prismatic Art Project. This project from Tracey Hurley and Daniel Solis plans to create more fantasy art featuring an ethnically diverse range of adventurers by a diverse range of artists. The artwork will be released under creative commons licensing, and I expect we’ll see it pop up in a number of places when the project is finished.

4) Shadowrun Returns. Possibly my #2 role-playing game when tracking hours played, this project is releasing Apple and Android based apps, as well as Mac and PC game programs.

5) Re-Creating my Melnibonean Art from Deities & Demigods. Classic Dungeons and Dragons artist Jeff Dee recreating some long-lost artwork. Much of his early artwork was lost or destroyed to clean up filing room at TSR and now he is slowly recreating artwork from some very early Dungeons and Dragons products.


4 comments on “K is for Kickstarter

  1. I like that you shared about Kickstarter projects you like. In the fine print, they tell the project coordinators that it’s a way for their supporters to send money & not to expect to be found by others. Glad you’re working to change it.

    • Personal finance means I probably won’t even support all the projects listed above. In fact, that’s one of the biggest problems I have with Kickstarter….too many cool projects! I could have posted twice as many projects. May make this a regular blog topic. Even if I can’t afford to back a project financially if I can help spread the word and get some others to support a project I feel is worthwhile, then I’ve done at least a little to help.

  2. […] in my K is for Kickstarter post, I mentioned the Ogre Designer’s Edition project from Steve Jackson Games. I’ve […]

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