G is for Gaming

Other than a mention of Dungeons and Dragons in my B is for Bucket List post, I haven’t spoken much about gaming yet during this challenge. So here’s a list of 5 6 games I’d like to play sometime soon!

1) Pathfinder. I picked up the Pathfinder Beginner Box last year, and it is still in its shrink. Want to rip it open and get the kids playing one Saturday. While I like D&D 4E, I’m interested in seeing what Paizo has done with their take on the D&D 3.5 system.

2) Munchkin.  This card game is so popular, I think I might have to turn in my geek membership if I don’t actually play it. Core set is a fantasy based “kill the monster, take the treasure” card game with a humorous slant and art by John Kovalic.

3) Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Latest version of a Marvel based superhero role-playing game from Margaret Weiss Productions. Initially I had hoped this would be a kid friendly game, but I think the dice pool mechanic might be a bit more than they can handle. I’m still curious enough about the system that I’d like to sit down and play the game though, especially with a good supply of Marvel miniatures from the HeroClix line sitting in my closet.

4) Small World: A board game that reminds me loosely of a fantasy based risk, though seeming a bit simpler. Though I think it has been out a while, I first heard about this game when asking for geeky game ideas that my kids would be able to play back at Christmas time. Someone recommended this, and though it did look interesting, I didn’t get it. Sicne then I’ve heard about the game more frequently, and last week I was able to see a play session thanks to the launch of Geek and Sundry’s TableTop YouTube series hosted by Wil Wheaton. Now that I’ve seen the game played, I really think it would make a great family game.

5) Flash Duel: Not even sure where I first heard of this game, but it looks like something my son could get into, so it’s been sitting on my wish list at Amazon.  Looks like a simple and fast combat game.

6) Dungeons and Dragons Next, or whatever name they settle upon. I’m signed up and hoping to take part in public playtesting of this game. Not sure exactly when playtesting will begin, but I’m hoping sometime before Christmas.

I could have continued, but those are the highlights.  Any game, new or old you’re hoping to play soon?

Peace, Love, and Bacon Grease!



2 comments on “G is for Gaming

  1. Munchkin is great fun. Make it easier to keep score by giving every player a D10. I’ve never played Small World, but Wil and co. make it look like lots of fun 😀

    Aurora Celeste

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