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F is for Father

I miss my father.

Perhaps I’m a little too old to be saying that. My father passed away only a month after I got married, but in his last years, when we were physically further apart than we’d ever been, I actually thought that we were much closer as people. While I know he would always be my father, I felt we’d finally become something closer to friends.

I’ve always been told that I look like my father, and that my son looks like me, but while I’ve never been certain about the comparison, I do know that my son reminds me of my father, not just in his appearances, but something in his eyes and his laugh that makes me know my father is always near. I just regret the two of them never knew each other.

Dad would have loved going camping with him, or taking him fishing.  And as Steven and I have worked on woodworking projects for Scouts, I know my dad would love to have helped as we did these projects.

The picture above is of my dad as a Boy Scout. Not sure of exact date/age, but estimate it’s the mid-fifties and my dad is 10-12 years old.

I still miss my father.


One comment on “F is for Father

  1. I was extremely close to my father and miss him dearly, especially we near – one week away – my son’s fourth birthday celebration. At the point of “we can’t do anything more” from the doctors in regards to the cancer he had been battling for over a year, the first thing my dad cried over was missing birthdays. Speech was severely impaired for him then (brain tumors). All he said was “birthdays..” with the tears rolling. But we knew he meant missing ours and most especially the grandchildren’s. He loved dearly and deeply. I pray to live up to that kind of love for others.

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