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E is for Eggs

No, I’m not talking about Easter Eggs today, but I couldn’t resist using the picture.   It is two days after my C is for Camp Cooking post, and I’m still doing a lot of thinking about camp cooking.  So tonight we talk about eggs.

Eggs make a good camping food for a couple of reasons. I’m told they don’t need to be refrigerated, and my son actually likes them! That is actually something we cooked in the kitchen recently, so he’d be able to prepare them on camping trips. We did scrambled eggs with some cheese added aka Cheezy Eggs.  While I stayed nearby, he cooked them on his own, so I know he can handle making them, though he still makes me nervous working around hot pans.

Next trick is to figure out some other things he can do with eggs. He’s not a big fan of fried eggs, so I need to try to work towards something more along the lines of omelets, or at least having something other than just cheese mixed in with the eggs. He would probably go for some bacon, or smoked sausage. Might even be able to get him to eat vegetables in there, he’s recently started eating a little bit of salsa, and a serving of that mixed into the eggs can work, though extends the cooking time a little because the fluid needs to cook off.

My dad used to make jelly omelets on the stove at home.  Takes a little more finesse to cook the eggs that way, but I imagine something with eggs and sweets would be attractive to both my son and the other Scouts in his patrol. Of course, there’s always pancakes, but that will have to be a different post!

Peace, love, and bacon grease!




One comment on “E is for Eggs

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