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Product Review: House of Autry Pork Breader

While I don’t intend for product reviews to become a significant percentage of the posts here, I purchased this on a whim yesterday and thought it deserved a bit of praise.

Though I’d been food shopping on Saturday, I forgot to get laundry detergent, so I had to stop by the supermarket again.  I had some boneless pork chops thawing to make for dinner, so while I was getting the detergent I went down the aisle with baking supplies planning on getting some panko bread crumbs and doing a simple breaded and baked pork chop.

Well, right next to the bread crumbs were an assortment of products from House Autry.  I’d seen commercials for their products. I think my in-laws have used their hush puppy mix, and perhaps some fish fry coatings, but I’d never purchased any of their products myself.  On of their products is a Pork Breader, and I decided to give it a try.

Use was quick and easy, I heated some oil in the bottom of my frying pan (didn’t even have enough to put an 1/8″ over the entire surface).  While it was heating, I put the breader into a zip lock bag.  When the oil got hot, I rinsed the pork chops one at a time in water, tossed them in the bag with the breader, shook a little to get them coated then added them to my frying pan.  Cooked them about 6 minutes per side and they were done!

The fact that my wife and I liked them shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, I regularly cook pork chops in a variety of ways, and rarely are we dissapointed in the results.  The big surprise was that my kids really ate and enjoyed these.  My son in particular is a bit of a picky eater, and yet he seemed to truly enjoy these pork chops, so I’ll probably be picking this up again.

Additional Notes:

I should have divided the breader, saving half for another day.  I believe the box says there are 28 servings in the box, since I was only cooking 4 pork chops there was more than a little bit of waste.  Dividing the breading in halves, or even thirds would probably work.

I haven’t posted about this much, but I’m watching my sodium, and this is a little high in it, so I may also experiment with my own seasoned flower to fry pork chops in, though I don’t think I’ve done anything in the past that created such an even crust.



One comment on “Product Review: House of Autry Pork Breader

  1. Looking forward to reading your entries for the A to Z blogging challenge!


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