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Rainy Days and Camping

Scouts playing Soccer in the rain

My son and I camped out on Friday night with the local Cub Scouts. I spent most of Thursday and Friday stressing out about the campout because weather reports were calling for rain, and cool temperatures from Friday night right up through approximately the time we were planning on finishing up on Saturday. We’d previously had to cancel this outing, so there was no chance we could do so again.

While I love taking part in the Cub Scouts, I was not looking forward to camping in the weather conditions, but I am the Den Leader for the 4th and 5th grade Scouts and I was in charge of the shooting range, and so I felt a sense of responsibility to be there, and now that it is over, I’m glad I went.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone was wet and cold, and some of the adults, including myself commented upon it from time to time but the boys had a great time. As long as the kids were keeping busy, they barely noticed the rain or the cold. Friday night was mostly free time where the kids were free to do what they wanted and most of them spent their time playing soccer as like it was 80 degrees and sunny.

Warm fire on a cold wet night.

Warm fire on a cold wet night.

We got the campfire going a little later than planned because the person who was bringing the firewood showed up late, but once we did everyone gathered around and enjoyed the fire, and toasted marshmellows before heading to our tents for the night.

Fortunately the rain while steady never became truly heavy. Our tents kept us dry and our sleeping bags kept us warm through the night. It stopped raining for a couple hours in the early morning, but started again between 7 and 8 as we were getting ready to run some activities for the Scouts. Just like the night before, as long as the Scouts were kept busy with activities, they hardly noticed the weather.  Despite the weather the Scouts got to shoot BB guns, slingshots, and bow and arrows.  They also made pinecone birdfeeders, and got to climb up on a fire truck after one of the local firemen gave them a talk about fire safety.   

Shooting BB gun at the range.

My son shooting a BB gun as I look on.

We did make some concessions to the weather, shortening our schedule and skipping 1 or 2 activities, but on the drive home when I asked my son if he enjoyed himself, he started talking about the activities he’d done, and the kids he’d been with, not once did he mention the rain, though I’m sure when he’s a bit older this trip will be refered to as ‘the one where it rained’.


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